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Arroyo Visits Flood Victims in Cagayan de Oro

Arroyo Visited flood victims in Cagayan de Oro as part of his Mindanao Visit. She had her Photo ops, distributing relief goods to flashflood victims distributing food and medicine personally in front of the camera. At least the flood victims will have something to eat for a day or two.

She also also supported the Cagayan de Oro Flood Control Development Master Plan. In an interview, Mayor Jaraula proudly described the plan, “reforestation coupled by logging ban”, he said logging ban is useless without reforestation and vice versa. Well and good, but it concern of depleting almost zero forest cover in Cagayan de Oro has been voiced out by concerned citizens and advocates for a long time. I guess the city government needs to be nudged by mother nature in order to act. The plan is in itself good but it needs to be implemented as soon as possible and give it some teeth. The plan for now is good only in paper.

The flood victims are still in Macasandig Gym and in West City Central School. They cannot go back to their homes because obviously their homes are destroyed. It’s like starting back to zero. In these times, establishing a house is difficult. Clearly they need some assistance in rebuilding their homes. The victims also expressed that they be given a relocation site so that they will not have to go back to the flood prone areas in which they have lived. Second, they also wanted to also have some livelihood assistance.

The interventions mentioned above are good but I think they missed the most obvious and immediate concern that the flood victims needed.