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I-Shop Marketing Costumer Service

I bought 2 pcs of wall putty at I-Shop Marketing this day. We have to put a wall putty before we could do the painting of our house. We opened the first can of putty and found out that it was already dry because we tried to apply some of it and it would hardly stick on the wall. We opened another one and it was better.

I decided to have the 1st can of wall putty that we opened replaced. I went back at I-Shop marketing which is at Hi-way, Bulua, Cagayan de Oro city, just near the gate of Villa Candida Subdivision. I told if they can replace the already dry wall putty that I have purchased from them awhile ago. Their salesman said that it was not possible because we have already used some of it.

It was only a little amount and how else are we supposed to know that it does not stick on the wall. Again, consumers in the Philippines are often vulnerable to inconsiderate sellers, who sell defective products and then will not replace it. There are of course sellers and companies whose customer service are above excellent. There are also others whose customer service does not give service to its customers.

I am writing about this incident so that other potential buyers will know how I-Shop Marketing (a hardware store) operates.