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Twenty women in TamilNadu have undertaken the strongest form of struggle -‘Fasting Unto Death’ for the past 10 days demanding Soniaji to stop the War in Srilanka and Stop Genocide of Tamil people. The condition of five women who are under fast are very critical .

In Sri Lanka , Everyday around 200 to 300 Tamil civilians are brutally killed and thousands are gravely injured by the pouring down of gruesome cluster bombs, chemical bombs and poison gas bombs both at war zones and government announced safety zones. Thousands of melted and charred bodies remain as strong witness of usage of such bombs. Most of the victims are women and small children.

When international agencies and press are evacuated from the country, whatever information we get is only a small portion of reality. From the news we receive everyday, we are shocked to know that in the recent past atleast 60,000 people have been massacred and 3,00,000 people face death everyday.

Close allies of the Sri Lankan Government has revealed Mr. Rajapakse’s plan of annihilating the lakhs of remaining Tamil people within days using the Indian election fever. The congress central government headed by Ms.Sonia Gandhi extends all possible supports including army, ammunitions and funds to Srilankan President Mr. Rajapakse’s motive of annihilating the entire Tamil Population. The parties in Tamil Nadu that were making noise for the innocent Tamil civilians have also jumped into election and many treacherously align with the congress.

The media was revealing very little of the grave situation at Srilanka found excuse to defocus people attention to election.

At this juncture, the women’s organisations in the state of Tamil Nadu, who are protesting in their own way for the past two months, got united and decided to intensify the struggle. So, ‘Fasting unto Death’ was decided and twenty women are undergoing this strenuous form of struggle since 13th April 2009.

On 22nd April it reached 10th day of fasting. The twenty women are very active women activists of the state. They are Prof.Saraswathy, Ms.Sheelu, Adv.PandimaDevi, Dr.Neelavalli, Ms.Kameswari, Ms.ChitraDevi, , Ms.Usharani. Ms.Kavitha, Ms.V.Sasikala, Ms.Ponnuthai, Ms.Sumathi, Ms.Paliniammal, Ms.Lokanayaki, Ms.Jayamani, Ms.Shanthi, Ms.LawarenceSelvi, Ms.Philomenal. Ms.Joyice Mary, Ms.P.Sasikala and Ms.J.Thangamani

In support of the fasting women, widespread agitation is going on throughout the state on everyday basis. Thousands of women involved in relay fast, road blockade, Dharna before congress office, rally and other forms and have got arrested. It’s the unique experience of united women’s massive struggle. In support of women, youth and citizens concerned about the issue have joined the struggle.

Eventhough the plight and agony of Eelam Tamils are worth receiving National and International community attention and support, it is left out as the concern of Tamil people alone. Though we human rights activists of Tamilnadu have responded to the human right violations in Gujarat, Bengal, Orissa, Afghan or Iraq , we painfully observe, the Tamils alone fail to receive the concern of other state human right activists and humanitarians. There is no visible protest against this gruesome genocide, the pogrom, next to Jews. The entire Indian people support and protest will definitely help to safeguard the remaining Tamil Population in Srilanka. Even one day delay in responding means death of thousands in the island. We strongly appeal on behalf of the Tamils to come forward with visible forms of protests and join us to save the Tamils. It is already late, please act on emergency basis. Your pressure on congress government at this juncture will help to stop the war in Srilanka.

Earnestly seeking your solidarity,

Lidwin – Women’s Collective
Christina – Penngal Munnani (Women’s Front)
Beulah - IWID