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We, the sovereign peoples of Mindanao, call on the Senate of the Philippines and the House of Representatives to immediately pass a joint resolution calling for a constitutional convention in 2010:

Whereas, there is a pervading sense of hopelessness and despair among the peoples of the Land of Promise arising from the unceasing armed conflict, poverty, internal displacement and political instability which perpetuate the culture of violence and intimidation;

Whereas, the situation calls for structural changes and reforms which can be made possible only through the amendment of the 1987 Constitution, as has been proposed nationwide by the Citizens' Movement for a Federal Philippines (CMFP).

Whereas, the peoples of Mindanao have traditionally viewed proposed amendments to the constitution with apathy, and even suspicion, believing them to be a Trojan horse for the perpetuation of political dynasties and their vested interests;

Whereas, the Lumad, the Bangsa Moro and Christians can realize their just desire for self-determination, for liberation from fear and want, for political stability, and autonomy through a Federal Constitution, which requires changes in the present charter;

Now, therefore, in consideration of the foregoing, we, the sovereign peoples of Mindanao now call on the Senate and the House of Representatives to pass a joint resolution calling for the holding of a constitutional convention in 2010 and for the election of delegates in the national elections scheduled for May 11, 2010;

Resolved further, to let copies of this resolution be provided to the President of the Philippines, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Commission on Elections, and other pertinent organizations and agencies for their consideration.

Done this 24th day of July 2009 in the Islamic City of Marawi, Mindanao, Philippines.

Mindanao Congress of Development NGOs and NGIs (MINCON) • Lihok Pideral Mindanaw (LPM) • Mindanao Peace Advocates Conference (MPAC) • MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center • Moro Movement for Federalism (MMF) • Citizens' Movement for a Federal Philippines (CMFP)

Rey Magno Teves, Chairperson, CMFP • Cong. Mujiv S. Hataman, Cong. Ariel C. Hernandez, Anak Mindanao (AMIN) Party-List • Cong. Cresente C. Paez, Cong. Jose R. Ping-ay, NATCCO Party-List • Charlito Z. Manlupig, Secretary General, LPM • Sylvia Okinlay-Paraguya, CEO, MASSSPECC • Romeo Dahuyag, PASCRES-Caraga • Andre Atega, Lihok Federal Karaga (LFK) • Greg Hontiveros, Lihok Federal Karaga (LFK) • Isidro Madaje, Chairman, FEDARCCO • Datu Hawudon Mangguyaba / Rusty S. Porogoy, Chairman, Manobo / Mamanwa – Santiago Municipal Tribal Council • Fiscal Danny Serrano, Drafter, Caraga State Constitution • Jimmy Beray, Chairman, BCB MPC • Atty. Franklin M. Quijano, Iligan City

Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society (CBCS) • Alliance of Bangsamoro for Peace and Sustainable Development (ABPSD) • Balay Mindanaw Foundation, Inc. (BMFI) • Katilingbanong Pamahandi sa Mindanaw, Inc. (KPMFI) • Bangko sa Balay Foundation, Inc. (BBFI) • Zamboanga Peninsula Rehabilitation Center (ZAPP) • Zamboanga Association of Former Priests and Seminarians (ZAFPAS) • Xavier Agriculture Extension Service (XAES) • Harakat Islamia1 • Ompia Party • Lanao Youth • Lanao Eagle’s Clans • Insan Islamic Assembly • Pailig Development Foundation, Inc. (PDFI) • Technical Assistance Center for the Development of Rural and Urban Poor (TACDRUP) • Lihok Pideral Dabaw (LPD) • Philippine Agrarian Reform Fund (PARFUND)

Contact Persons: Mr. Rey Deang (CMFP-Secretariat) 09266854561
Mr. Paul Paraguya (CMFP-Mindanao) 09209525106
Mr. Cesar Villanueva (CMFP-Visayas) 09192869470


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