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2008 US Presidential Elections and the Fate of the World

Whoever wins the elections in the united states will definitely send ripples all over the world. As each candidates have their own ways and principles on how to relate to the world, in short foreign policy. In their campaigns and debates, Obama and Mccain, are already discussing and debating the fate of countries like, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan (to name a few). In these countries, the US have waged war in the name of anti-terrorism (or oil), greatly affected middle eastern countries, raised the prices of middle eastern oil and caused ripple effects all over the world.

The economic crisis in the US have caused a chain reaction all over the world, with governments bailing out corporations. With the weakening of the dollar, the export industries have been hurt and so do the families whose income depends on it. The economic policies of whoever wins the US election will definitely determine how it relates economically with countries like the Philippines.

Much is also at stake for the Filipinos in the US elections. There are many Overseas Filipino Workers in the United States, both legal and illegal (TNT or Tago Ng Tago), who are sending money home and practically giving life to their families and to the Philippine Economy. Are they going to accept more OFWs i.e. Nurses, Teachers? As the Philippine economy continues to dwindle, more and more Filipinos will opt to go abroad.

So which US Presidential candidate is good for the Philippines, is it Obama or Mccain?


The whole world is looking at the US on whom they would choose as President. We know that the US is the most powerful country in the whole world, whether we like it or not. Based on what I read from newspapers and seen from the news, Obama would most likely win this election. Unless, of course, there would be some turn of events.


Hi jong, thanks for adding me..I like ur blog. It's very impressive with regards to politics..I'll vote for Obama..I think he will be a good president of USA.


Have you seen this map from Gallup?

What do you think?


Thanks for adding me and the Kitties to your friends list. On the election, I think that Obama has a better understanding of Global politics. I am holding my breath as to who will win. I am in a swing state and worry about voter disenfranchisement. I am waiting til tomorrow to vote...


i find the website
really interesting.

It shows the Philippines as one of the top pro-mccain mccain countries.
Maybe its because of the conservative nature of Philippine Society.


Nikki, how was the election day?