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Who Killed the Electric Car?

One of the crises that the world faces today, is the oil crisis. With prices of fuel rising, prices of food commodities also rose up. In the philippines this could be felt by daily commuters with fares of public utility vehicles increasing almost weekly. It seems that in every 10 increases there is only one rollback of the prices.

Inside the jeepney, a drama is happening, a struggle, a conflict of interest. On the one hand, there is the passenger eagerly trying to save his/her earnings and fights for a peso. On the other hand, the jeepney driver and his assistant, trying to make enough money to have food on the table also fights for a peso. Everyday these events happen inside the jeepney. But this is one only one side of the equation.

The other aspect is the environment. We are already feeling the effects of Global Warming, with unpredictable weather, storms coming out suddenly in one place while on the other end there are droughts. One of the causes, are the carbon fuel emissions produced by transport vehicles.

I remember one time, a news aired nationally about an electric powered car. Now this car would have a lot of impact socially. It would free us from dependence of fossil fuels and have positive impact on the economy especially for the middle class and below. Most importantly it would totally eliminate carbon emissions.

I have stumbled upon this video from google and wondered, yeah, what happened to the electric car? It could have free us from dependence of fossil fuels and help save our world?

Check out this video and find out Who killed the Electric Car?